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September 17, 2022


On Saturday the 27th of August 2022, the global launch event of VirtualStaX took place at TheXchange HQ in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The much anticipated event allowed for various VirtualStaX stakeholders to come together and celebrate the VirtualStaX platform but also learn more about the brand and its vision for the future. After 5 years of hard work and preparation, the VirtualStaX platform is set to launch globally for talented people across the globe to share their passion through blockchain certificates called StaX.

Several key stakeholders were in attendance at the event including VirtualStaX Ambassador and NBA star Wendell Carter Jr, WNBA player Olivia Nelson-Ododa, NBA Africa representative Kwame Mdaka as well as multiple core investors of TheXchange. Founder and CEO, Rudolf Markgraaff, provided attendees with a detailed presentation on VirtualStaX, including the progress and growth achieved over recent years as well as how VirtualStaX is positioned to change the world as one of the most advanced technological innovations in history by creating a platform run on the world’s most powerful source of renewable energy, people and their dreams. Markgraaff was joined on stage by a panel consisting of professional surfer Matthew McGillivray, Co-Founder and Chairman of E-Movement, Iain Banner as well as Wendell Carter Jr.

The in-depth discussion revolved around the strategic alliances that are being formed to partner with established organizations to grow the VirtualStaX brand continuously as well as to access new markets through the innovative platform. Plans for future partnerships were discussed to clearly understand the direction the brand wishes to pursue. Iain Banner elaborated on his first encounter with Rudolf Markgraaff and how Markgraaff’s passion and persistence stood out from others whilst discussing VirtualStaX. Banner used the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation as an example of an organization that could partner with VirtualStaX as it has a wide network of well-known sport stars that could provide additional credibility to an already impressive list of VirtualStaX Ambassadors who can also utilize the platform to monetize their sporting performance and popularity. Wendell Carter Jr and Matthew McGillivray were part of the dialogue on how upcoming amateurs from different industries will benefit from VirtualStaX by generating funding needed in the early stages of their careers and build a community with fans like never before.

The team at TheXchange was invited onto the stage where Rigter Markgraaff, Director at TheXchange, discussed the hard work that each individual has contributed to VirtualStaX over the past few years and thanked them for their contributions ahead of the platform’s launch. The evening was an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of the vision for VirtualStaX as well as to meet the key individuals part of making the platform a reality. Attendees continued to socialize and build valuable networks throughout the evening. The event was a great success and contributed to the excitement for the launch of VirtualStaX that is set to impact the lives of millions of talented people across the world.

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