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December 12, 2022


How do you tell the world about an unexplored idea that hit the market for the first time in history and hope for customers to firstly, understand what you do, and secondly, what impact your brand will have on people? That is why VirtualStaX decided to take hands with Eric Mitchell, CEO, and founder of LifeFlip Media. 

VirtualStaX, a global exchange for talent, launched its first round of auctions for college athletes on Friday, 2nd of December 2022. VirtualStaX are fungible tokens in the form of digital trading cards and NFTs that fans can buy in their favorite talent.  Through collecting and trading StaX fans get utility offered by the talent and gain access to the journey of their favorite rising stars and superstars. Any person with talent will be able to list themselves on a global platform that brings together all social media aspects and allows fans, friends, and family to support them by way of buying their StaX. Athletes and social media users now have various ways to monetize their following through listing their own Issuers make 90% of all StaX sales which allows them to fund their dreams and pursue their goals. 

Eric has a phenomenal way of communicating a brand-new idea, like VirtualStaX, to the perfect target audience that ensures great results. Through LifeFlip Media, Eric will be sharing the VirtualStaX brand on some of the largest media outlets, from BBC, MSNBC, and Fox News to Bloomberg and NewsNation. Be sure to keep an eye out on these channels as some exciting interviews with various key stakeholders are lined up in the very near future. 

For more information on Eric and LifeFlip media, click here

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