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August 15, 2021


TheXchange’s charitable foundation, The Heart of Compassion, has a goal to improve the quality and availability of food, water, health benefits and human rights to communities around the world.

The Heart of Compassion Foundation does this through partnering with like-minded non-profits and initiatives around the world who are dedicated to this work.  

We are excited to now announce that charity: water has been selected as a partner in the water category of The Heart of Compassion Foundation.

charity: water’s mission is to “help bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet.”

Scott Harrison, CEO of charity: water, has created an amazing and valuable initiative that benefits the areas of the planet that do not have readily available access to the basic necessity of clean, life-giving fresh water. Since 2006, charity: water and Scott have created an extraordinary operation that not only serves the global community, but does so with complete transparency, devoting 100% of public charitable donations to achieving these challenging goals. charity: water has funded 78,350 water projects that will serve more than 13 million people in 29 countries.

Rudolf Margraaff, Founder and CEO of TheXchange commented: ”There are dozens of charity efforts and NGOs worldwide that do great work in providing access to clean renewable water supplies. We at TheXchange are particularly proud of partnering with charity: water and Scott Harrison as we have clearly defined shared ideals towards commitment and transparency. Like them, we know that access to clean water creates better lives, and we are excited to contribute our part to this continuing global effort.”

The Heart of Compassion Foundation is funded by global sales of VirtualStaX. Each talented person who lists and trades their StaX can decide how much of their proceeds they want to give back via the foundation, a portion of which will flow through to Charity: Water to directly support active and future fresh water projects around the world.

TheXchange’s mission is to empower people worldwide to achieve their dreams.  This does not just apply to the VirtualStaX business model for talented people, but also extends into the lives of underserved children across the world.  

VirtualStaX and the StaX App are launching late 2021.

TurnCoin is available for investment on, with further credibility added by its partnership with as its registered transfer agent.

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