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June 16, 2021


TheXchange platform has been built around a “people for people” philosophy, with two foundations being created to bring this vision to life.

These foundations are funded by global sales of VirtualStaX. Each talented person who lists and trades their StaX can decide how much of their proceeds they want to give back via the foundation. Both foundations will also collect and distribute their designed funding directly through the blockchain transparently, with 100% accountability.

The Heart of Sport Foundation is linked directly to the sport stars that create and trade their StaX on TheXchange. When Sport StaX launches, every talented athlete that issues Sport StaX or fan that buys Sport StaX will be able to choose how much they give back to this foundation.

The blockchain will do the rest, creating a transparent record of giving and detailing how funds are utilized to impact lives of current and former athletes at all levels worldwide.

It will be based on three pillars of giving:

  1. Using sport as a catalyst to transform the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  2. Aiding and assisting athletes in cultivating habits of perseverance, determination and consistency.
  3. Partnering with sport philanthropy organizations to ensure the success of all athletes around the world.

The Heart of Compassion Foundation aims to improve the quality and availability of food, water, health benefits and human rights to communities around the world. Every person that issues VirtualStaX chooses how much they give back to the Heart of Compassion Foundation.

The foundation will have four core pillars of service:

  1. Food: Secure access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food, to meet dietary needs for a productive and healthy life, and to end the issue of food insecurity.
  2. Water: Bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.
  3. Health: Improve healthcare systems in developing countries to boost the quality of care by strengthening resources.
  4. Human rights: Promote equal human rights in a world where inequality continues to dominate the socio-economic sector.

“The concept of “people for people” is core to everything we do and everything we have built. These foundations help us make this vision a reality,” explains founder and CEO, Rudolf Markgraaff.

VirtualStaX and the StaX App are launching late 2021.

TurnCoin is available for investment on, with further credibility added by its partnership with as its registered transfer agent.


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