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December 13, 2022


The first VirtualStaX auction kicked off on Friday the 2nd of December. The 20 selected college athletes launched their StaX to fans globally where fans from all over the world participated and contributed to the auction’s tremendous success. What happened in the auction and what is next for these young stars?

How did the auction work? 

20 up-and-coming football athletes from across the USA launched their own digital trading cards (StaX) on StaX.App. Each one received 50,000 StaX that were placed on auction over a 7 day period. A StaX auction is the first opportunity for fans and supporters to acquire StaX in their favorite talented person. In just 7 days, the college athletes raised U$27,200. Each athlete chose a percentage of their proceeds to go to the Heart of Sport Foundation which aims to transform the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, by using sport as a catalyst for social change and radical empowerment. 

Isaiah Wooden, Victor Rosa, Emani Bailey, Cejai Parrish, Walroux Venter, Jimmie Stoudemire, Dimitri Stanley, Mari Wingard, Tailon Leitzsey and Gabriel Jeudy were the top 10 performing athletes in the auction. The top performer was Isaiah Wooden, a wide receiver from Southern Utah University who managed to raise U$6,101 in his 7 day auction. 

What are the athletes going to do with their raised funds? 

The athletes can use the funds for whatever purpose they deem necessary to assist them in their sporting careers. Athletes Cejai Parrish and Isaiah Wooden explained that they are planning to use the funds raised to support their families and they are proud to give back to the Foundation through VirtualStaX. Fans that participated in the auction received their StaX in their StaX portfolios and can trade them once the secondary market opens in early January. On the secondary market, the athletes will receive another 50,000 StaX that can be purchased by fans at the selling price which was determined by the initial auction. Fans that participated in the auction can buy additional StaX or trade the StaX purchase in the auction at a higher price which can provide valuable profits.

Did you miss out on the auctions? 

Not to worry, we are just getting started! Our main ambassadors Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes, Von Miller and Cameron Jordan will be releasing their StaX on auction early 2023. Shortly thereafter MuscianStaX will launch with Luke Bryan and then open up StaX to all passions of life where anyone will be able to issue their own StaX within minutes. To participate in your favorite StaX auctions it's simple. Fund your wallet, discover and follow the best talent and place your bid in the auctions before StaX are traded publicly on the secondary market. Fans that buy StaX enter the golden StaX card competition where they stand a chance to win a 18ct solid gold trading card of their favorite StaX Ambassador. For every StaX that fans own prior to 12 February 2023, they’ll receive one entry into the competition. The competition will conclude on the weekend of Super Bowl 2023, the winner will be chosen at random. It's simple, the more entries you have, the better your chances are at winning.

What’s next for the athletes and VirtualStaX?

Keep an eye out on StaX.App for the latest content from the athletes as well as exciting announcements of the utility they will be adding for their StaX holders. For the auctions of the StaX Ambassadors. Visit StaX.App to see when their auctions are kicking off. You do not want to miss this opportunity. 2023 is going to be a huge year for VirtualStaX, talented people from all passions of life.

Author: Jesko Hoffmann

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