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September 15, 2022


On Saturday 27 August 2022, VirtualStaX in collaboration with the Stellenbosch Academy of Sports (SAS), The Brees Dream Foundation, The Idas Valley Sports Council and various other stakeholders launched the newly established Court of Dreams at the Idas Valley Sports Grounds in Stellenbosch, South Africa. American professional NBA player Wendell Carter Jr. (Orlando Magic Center) together with WNBA player Olivia Nelson-Ododa (Los Angeles Sparks Forward) were the special guests for the momentous occasion.

TheXchange Founder and CEO, Rudolf Markgraaff, discussed the importance of the Court of Dreams and his desire for others to get involved in future projects that give back to local communities and provide these communities with a better future. CEO of SAS, Robert Benade, thanked everyone involved for making the Court of Dreams a reality. He especially expressed his gratitude to all individuals involved in preparing and finalizing the facility in such a short period of time. On the day, basketball matches were on display including a fascinating match up between Wendell Carter Jr. and Olivia Nelson-Ododa who played against two up and coming, local basketball players. Children from the local community were able to see high quality basketball in front of their eyes with the intention of sparking an interest in the sport for them to potentially have their own journey in a sport that was before unknown to them. Wendell and Olivia interacted with the children throughout the day by teaching them valuable skills such as taking shots and defending against opponents whilst sharing words of encouragement for their futures.

José Cabral, Community Wellness Coordinator at SAS believes that the Court of Dreams will bring communities together and create a new excitement for the Idas Valley community. He believes that the Court of Dreams will represent an all-inclusive facility for people from various ages, genders, races and backgrounds to come together and explore several sport codes that they can seek to pursue going forward. According to Roy van Rooyen, former Educator and Principal in the community, “The Court of Dreams will become a hub for young people to dream.” Court of Dreams Architect, Dennis Moss, believes that the initiative is a manifestation for current and future generations to “build prosperity and sustainability”.

The Court of Dreams will provide opportunities for the youth of the local community to discover their passions and have the facility to strive towards achieving their dreams. In line with the vision of VirtualStaX, the Court of Dreams offers a wide range of inclusivity as it is a multipurpose facility allowing basketball, netball and tennis players, as well as fans to come together in one space. The Court of Dreams is one of several planned projects of impact for VirtualStaX. Wendell Carter Jr. is excited to see what this project as well as future projects will do for communities. He expressed his pride in being part of a continuous philanthropic journey with VirtualStaX. VirtualStaX will continuously seek opportunities to give back to the local communities and its people, striving to maintain a people for people movement.

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