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January 6, 2020


The SportXchangeApp Development:


THE SX APP is developed by mastermind Blockchain/Software Lead-Architect Galen Danzinger and a team of 13 dedicated Software Engineers from No Rest Labs/MouseBelt in Silicon Valley.

To Patrick, Galen, Brandon and their highly passionate team: THANK YOU for an awesome working experience, we look forward to a longstanding relationship.

Galen Danzinger: “The SportXchange™ application development began on 4 April of 2019. The past 8 months have been packed with developing, designing, and testing the robust mobile application. We have engineered the SportXchange™ with both the end-users and athletes in mind and have tested and tweaked every aspect of the user flow to enhance the overall user experience in this revolutionary new platform.

As of January 2020, we have completed the full mobile React Native App front-end development for Scout mode in playable static App Store download.

In recent months, we completed a redesign of the application, simplifying the flows and incorporating a “scout” vs “live” mode. This allows users to discover and see how their athletes perform, before making a full purchase. Additionally, the purchase flow was updated to simplify how users go through the process of buying a new athlete VirtualStaX.

We developed a clickable demo version of the application on iOS and Android, allowing users to run through the entire process. In tandem, we made progress on the back-end services exchange to handle the initial offering, secondary market, and purchase of athlete StaX.

The core exchange process was implemented (supporting market/limit orders), the ISO process is partially complete, and most social network services are completed. In the next 6 weeks, each of these will be finished, tested, and integrated into the SX mobile application.”

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