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September 29, 2021


CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A company looking to revolutionize the global fan economy through blockchain technology - TheXchange - launches TurnCoin for investment worldwide.

TurnCoin is the regulatory compliant, revenue-sharing digital security that powers TheXchange’s product, VirtualStaX (StaX) - a new fan experience whereby talented people at every level can monetize their performance and have the opportunity to create a new perpetual stream of income.

TheXchange will distribute 100% of its global gross revenue collected through its entire ecosystem to its investors - TurnCoin holders - automatically every month.

“TurnCoin isn’t a cryptocurrency.  It is a digital security verified through blockchain technology.  It’s transparent, immutable, and globally accessible.  This is the future of equity and asset based investments.” explains founder and CEO, Rudolf Markgraaff.

TheXchange is the global marketplace for buying and trading StaX – digital trading cards – launching in December 2021. From rising stars to superstars, this new fan experience will allow people to own and trade StaX of their favorite talented people in all passions of life; sport, esports, music, art, entertainment and more.

The core of TheXchange’s purpose is rooted in empowering talented individuals worldwide to achieve their dreams by creating a platform where rising stars are given the edge they need to succeed.

The platform is backed by some of the world’s biggest names who share this philosophy, including Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes, Randy Jackson and Jean De Villiers, who have signed on as global ambassadors and advocates for VirtualStaX.

"I believe in the good and the transcending power that VirtualStaX could have for so many young athletes, artists, and young dreamers. It’s a People for People platform,” said Brees regarding involvement.

“This platform provides exposure and the chance to grow, I wish I had this when I was a kid,” added Jackson.

The talent makes money by earning 90% of the gross revenue generated by their StaX sales, as well as a fee on all future trades by their StaX holders. As their popularity increases, so too does the demand for their StaX, and thus funding for their careers. It allows talent to be backed by people around the globe, rather than relying only on sponsors, crowdfunding or donations.

TheXchange collects 10% of the gross revenue generated by every initial StaX sale worldwide, as well as a fee on all future trades. 100% of the global gross revenue generated by TheXchange will be distributed to TurnCoin holders pro-rata, on a monthly basis.

“TheXchange will not just feature well-known names. By investing in TurnCoin you are investing in the world’s most powerful source of renewable energy, passionate people and their dreams, and the financial benefit to TurnCoin holders extends to every VirtualStaX sold in every corner on earth,” continued Markgraaff.

TurnCoin is available for investment on in partnership with as the registered transfer agent.

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