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October 23, 2021


 July 30, 2021 was a unique day in the annals of professional sport.

Two legendary giants in their respective fields, former New Orlean Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, and famed South African Springboks national team captain, Jean De Villiers were seen playing together in a friendly display of shared passion for their respective sports on the pitch at the famous Paul Roos Academy in Stellenbosch South Africa.

These two icons of sport weren’t coming together to settle an age-old argument of which sport is better, or partnering to run a clinic for lucky school kids.

Instead, the two were part of a scheduled event on a day of stellar happenings that ran as a precursor to the red carpet event that evening: the official global launch of TurnCoin, the financial engine powering the revolutionary new VirtualStaX platform.

Both Drew and Jean are global ambassadors for VirtualStaX, along with a host of other international celebrities and athletes like Patrick Mahomes and Randy Jackson.

As for the earlier question, which sport is better, rugby or American football? Well on that day there was an obvious answer from both athletes, and that was “both!”.

It was also a consensus that the launch of TurnCoin would make both games, the players and the future of players, better.

Thanks again to the two legendary athlete Ambassadors, Drew Brees and Jean De Villiers.

VirtualStaX and the StaX App are launching late 2021.

TurnCoin is available for investment on, with further credibility added by its partnership with as its registered transfer agent.

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