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October 22, 2021


Legendary musician Randy Jackson has joined TheXchange team as Music Ambassador.

Internationally recognized as a judge of American Idol, his incredible list of accomplishments includes being a successful musician, singer, record producer, TV personality and entrepreneur. He has had an exemplary career as a mentor for talent of all ages, along with a deep passion for philanthropy and giving back.

His keen eye for new talent and instinct for mentorship make him an ideal Music Ambassador for VirtualStaX. Additionally, his efforts on behalf of philanthropic causes resonates on every level with TheXchange’s “people for people” mission.

"The platform provides exposure and a chance to grow. I wish I had this platform when I was starting my career,” says Jackson. “Giving back and lending a creative, supportive vision is hugely important.”

CEO and Founder of StaX, Rudolf Markgraaff said “Having a legend like Randy on board makes everyone involved strive to be better. He is an inspiration and will be a motivator for both VirtualStaX team members and future users of the StaX App. Welcome to the team, Randy!”

As Jackson explained, “VirtualStaX helps you get discovered your unique talent around the world and helps you find your own audience. Sometimes all we need is someone to see us and believe in us, to believe that your dream is possible. This is going to be an amazing ride!”

“Get ready, VirtualStaX, we’re going to power your future like you won’t believe!” he ends.

VirtualStaX and the StaX App are launching late 2021.

TurnCoin, the digital security that powers VirtualStaX, is available for investment on in partnership with

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