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March 1, 2021


When launching new, disruptive technologies, navigating the legal and regulatory landscape in different jurisdictions requires robust expertise and experience.‍

That’s why we are pleased to have Roel C. Campos join our team as External Global Regulatory and Compliance Advisor.

Campos is a former Commissioner of the SEC and is currently a Senior Counsel at a leading Washington, D.C. law firm. His practice consists of advising senior management and boards on their most sensitive and complex issues, and also advises boards on cybersecurity, governance, cryptocurrency, and proposed rule-making by financial regulators.

After performing his background study of TheXchange, Roel remarked: “I am tremendously impressed by how much TheXchange business model, apart from being financially viable, could empower people all over the world. Certainly, individuals who believe in their talent and potential, but have modest means, now have a path to fund the growth and progression of their talent and develop supporters for life.”

Campos further noted that he was excited in that "StaX, when used by museums and advocacy groups, could also help fund philanthropic efforts to educate societies about their disadvantaged members and indigenous groups, helping to unite societies over time."‍

While working as a Commissioner of the SEC he reviewed and judged hundreds of cases involving securities violations and complex fraud. Campos represented the SEC internationally and became an expert in many aspects of securities law and became very familiar with the workings of the markets and exchanges. He also championed the small investor and sought regulation to enable small investors to do well with their savings and retirement funds.

VirtualStaX and the StaX App are launching late 2021.

TurnCoin, the digital security that powers VirtualStaX, is available for investment on

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