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October 26, 2022


VirtualStaX and BurrstSports have partnered for up-and-coming football athletes across the USA to showcase their passion and talent to a global audience through VirtualStaX. BurrstSports is a brand that helps the next generation of young athletes monetize their personal brand through the exciting world of Web3. Founder and CEO of BurrstSports, Grant Sapkin, discussed the partnership and explained how it provides a life-changing opportunity to upcoming athletes seeking to show the world their passions through a one-of-a-kind platform, VirtualStaX.

For several decades, high school and college athletes would have to abide by rules and laws on how, when, and what they can promote of themselves. They could never be compensated for their name, image, or likeness associated with their developing career. All the effort and hard work that each athlete would put in would often go unnoticed, unappreciated or without compensation whilst the majority of revenue would go to the team or institution they are a part of. At the professional level they would be paid based on their value. But why not sooner? Grant expressed his optimism for the industry considering the opportunity young athletes now have by stating that the digital collectible industry is “the future that empowers people to experience the physical and digital worlds come together”.

Grant and his team are striving to build a strong sports community that is rewarded for being part of a community that supports rising athletes. Similar to VirtualStaX, BurrstSports’ aim is to connect athletes with fans not just in their hometown but with the world over the long term. He further mentioned,”The athletes are especially excited by the idea of being listed on a global exchange alongside their favorite sporting stars on VirtualStaX.”

The athletes part of the launch include Curtis Appleton, Eleasah Anderson, Jabari Donaldson, Jaylen Dollar, Mari Wingard, Isaiah Wooden, Cejai Parrish, Tailon Leitzsey, Tyrece Woods Jr, Devantae Stephens, Jordan Jakes, Gabe Jeudy, Victor Rosa, Emani Bailey, Dustin Johnson, Dimitri Stanley, Jimmie Stoudemire, Daniel Richardson, Deontae Graham and Kristian Varner.

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Author: Jesko Hoffmann

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